Turbo Blankets

Turbo Blankets are a heat shield for an engine Turbocharger and make the engine bay a cooler and safer place to be.

Turbo Blankets are typically used by owners of high performance cars to reduce excessive heat build up in the engine bay.

But they can also be used on diesel engines found in boats, generators, trucks, agricultural equipment and earth moving equipment.

Many work sites are improving worker safety and turbo blankets can help protect a mechanic from nasty burns and can also reduce the possibility of fire.

Lastly, Kool Wrap Turbocharger Blankets or Turbo Beanies can actually increase power outputs. Rather than allowing the exhaust heat to dissipate into the atmosphere, a Kool Wrap Turbo Blanket will keep that hot exhaust heat inside the Turbo Chargers exhaust housing increasing the velocity passed onto the compressor wheel and helping to build boost and power.