Kool Wrap Aluminium Exhaust Heat Shield Panel, Embossed Aluminium, Semi Rigid, 30cm x 50cm


Aluminium Exhaust heat shield sheet

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Our Kool Wrap multi-layer embossed aluminium heat shields are the most effective way to control and manage radiant heat. You can also fold and form the sheet to suit your specifications.

This embossed aluminium heat shield is 50cm x 30cm and can cut the effects of radiant heat by up to 90%. It is also available in larger 50cm x 70cm sizes.

Kool Wrap embossed aluminium heat shields are a universal material designed to manage and reduce radiant and conductive heat. Aluminium is the ideal choice of material as it offers a high corrosion resistance, high thermal conductivity, and is highly reflective.

Designed to reduce temperatures up to 650°C.

It can be effectively used in various applications such as:

  • Engine compartments
  • Exhaust systems
  • Under carriages
  • Industrial application
  • Agricultural applications

Also available, stainless mounts for hose clamps to space shield off round

Additional information

Weight .7 kg
Dimensions 53 × 32 × 4.5 cm

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